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It was the middle of a chilly October day when Leroy entered the small, unassuming costume shop. He had yet to find a costume that really ‘spoke’ to him and had spent most of the afternoon looking around for something perfect.

“Hello there!” a man who looked in his mid-to-late twenties walked over to Leroy as the door closed behind him. “Welcome to the Costume Keep! Can I help you find something?”

“Ah, uh, thanks, but I was just gonna browse.” Leroy spoke.

“Aaah. Don’t have anything specific you’re looking for, huh?” the older man smiled knowingly. “That’s fine. Please, go ahead and look around! And don’t worry, all sizes can be adjusted to SUIT your needs, so don’t worry about whether or not they’ll fit!” he motioned Leroy towards the suits.

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in...” Leroy went wide-eyed as he just now got a good look at all the costumes around him. “mind... whoa.” he walked towards an aisle of all kinds of suits, of characters and creatures he immediately recognized and some he didn’t recognize at all. “Wow! The selection here is really amazing!” he spoke in awe of just how many suits were around him. Practically every corner and space of the small store was filled with costumes.

But what was impressive was the quality. He felt the paw of a Lucario costume, the texture so... real, the fur nice and soft. He could barely, barely feel the rubber and plastic underneath. He looked at the costume, completely amazed. “Wow... you have some really quality stuff in here!”

“I use only the best materials. Put my heart into everything I create.” the shopkeep chuckled from behind his counter.

“You made these? That’s amazing! I can’t believe this store isn’t more popular, or bigger!” Leroy complimented as he continued feeling the Lucario suit.

“Heh... well, it’s more a small family store, and I only opened it recently. Find anything you like?”

“Hmm... well...” he pondered for a moment, stepping back and looking at the suit in front of him. It COULD be a good costume...

And then his eyes caught something else, further down the aisle. It was a mix of yellow and white, with some purple thrown in. He recognized it, but needed a closer look to confirm what he was seeing. The 19-year old walked down toward what he had seen, his eyes opening wide as he regarded what was there.

He was right. It was a Renamon suit! Renamon, one of the more popular Digimon out there, and here it was, a full costume that looked AMAZING. Something like this would have to be specially ordered or commissioned for hundreds if not thousands, and here was one for a fraction of the cost!

He wasn’t aware of how much time he spent looking at the costume until the shopkeep came to check up on him. “Aaah, so this one caught your eye, eh? Lessee... Rena-mon, if I recall.”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Leroy looked towards the shopkeep, who was smiling at him.

“Shall I ring you up?” he chuckled.

Buying the costume went quickly enough. The shopkeep had gently taken the costume off of its hook and carried it to a backroom before returning with a nicely packed box. The box itself was very simple, just a big brown one with ‘RENAMON’ written on a side in marker. Leroy paid for the costume, not caring about the still quite a bit hefty price tag, as this was definitely worth it, he could feel it.

Leroy made it back home soon after, setting the box down on his kitchen table, practically giddy with excitement. “It’s not halloween yet, but... I should try it out and make sure it fits good!” Leroy reasoned to himself as he opened the box up, seeing the finely crafted Renamon mask sitting atop a very fluffy, neatly folded pile of yellow.

The young man grinned as he reached into the box, gently the mask up and feeling it in his hands.

It was so light, so soft, so... wet?

Leroy looked down curiously at the mask, before he very clearly saw that something was wrong. The mask seemed to have quite literally melted once he grabbed it, getting all over his arms and dripping down back into the box. Inside said box, to his shock, where there was once a costume was now just a ton of slime and goop swirling within.

Leroy watched in a mix of curiosity and confusion as the furry yellow suit melted within the box, becoming a swirling mix of goop that clung to his hands, thick and sticky. He grimaced a little as he waved his hands in the air to get the goo off to no luck. “What is this? Some kind of prank or...?” he muttered questioningly.

But then the goo began to bubble and churn within the box. Leroy stepped back a little, although there was still a clear trail of globby yellow and white sticking to his hands and leading back to the box, said box being dragged on the table a little as his hands moved away. “Gah! Get off alread-” he stopped, looking at his hands in shock.

The goop had spread completely over his appendages. He could no longer see his fingers in the huge wad of slime that had perfectly wrapped around his hands, trails of the stuff wrapped around his wrists and arms like chains leading back to the dripping box. The slime turned white as his hands seemed to fatten up, the goo smoothing and molding itself around them. He watched in fear and amazement as three fat digits began to take form on each hand, each digit ending in a sharp black claw. The digits responded to his movements like they were his own fingers, and indeed he couldn’t actually feel his fingers anymore.

“W-what the!?” Leroy gasped, too distracted by his new hands/paws to react as the rest of the goop from the box flew outwards and seemed to pounce him. The young man was instantly floored, any possible cries of distress he could have given out muffled by the cold wet blanket of goop. “Mmmph!” he cried out, flailing his limbs underneath the layer of cold goo.

He struggled, new paws awkwardly batting and pushing at the substance, but the more he fought, the more it stuck to him. Even more goop wrapped around his arms, squeezing and altering the limbs. His forearms grew wider while the entirety of his arms seemed to shrink in length and width, goo solidifying, turning into smooth yellow and white fur. More goo wrapped around his forearms and up passed his elbows, turning purple and, as opposed to sticking to his body, seemed to be content being wrapped up around his alien arms. The purple goop shifted, material becoming soft yet thick and tough as they finalized into familiar purple gloves, a yin yang symbol appearing over the back of his hands.

The goo travelled up his arms, shrinking and softening his broad shoulders as they too were covered in yellow fur, large plumes of fur growing from his arms just under and behind his shoulders in a tuft of fluff. It wrapped around and claimed his chest, swallowing up his shirt as if it weren’t even there as the goo swallowed up his torso, sliding under him to reach his back as well. Leroy groaned in discomfort as the goop seemed to be squeezing his body. His chest rounded a little as it became a lot less rectangular, but in particular his waist seemed to be getting the brunt of the attention, squeezing and pinching inward until he had a bit of an hourglass shape to his form.

He grunted as the goop from his collar and down to his belly turned a soft white, and as it solidified the collected mass on his chest fluffed outwards until there was a large layer of soft, snowy fur covering his chest and wrapped around his neck.

“Guuuh...” he moaned in discomfort, arms holding his thinner stomach as the goop travelled over his hips and groin. the white pattern continued downwards as well, covering up his crotch, eliciting a sharp gasp from the young man as the goop seemed to flatten his groin, male bulge disappearing completely under the thick, tight goo. His paws rushed to his crotch as his face went a little red, before he gave an uncharacteristic squeak as he felt something unfamiliar under the smooth white fur that had grown there.

At the same time -her- rear gained a bit more curve to it and there was a twinging feeling in her back. It was enough to make her try and sit up as something began to push outwards over her butt, the tip white as the sensitive ‘something’ kept growing and growing until it was longer than her torso, large and fluffy. She had grown a tail.

“G-ggaaah...” she gave more muffled shouts under the goop, the stuff still pooled over her head and lower body. The goo on her arms and torso had disappeared completely, becoming her new fur and appendages. She could feel her fur bristle in the air, naked, the clothes she had been wearing underneath apparently gone completely. It was an alien feeling, even as she tugged at the goop covering her head, blinding her with yellow.

Her legs were the next to change. It started at her thighs, fattening and rounding, becoming thicker with muscle as they shifted. Each thigh was probably larger than his actual stomach now, as if all of her strength and fat had been pushed downwards into his legs. A bit of fur on the front of her thighs turned purple, a round symbol that was no doubt familiar to Leroy, if she could even see what had become of her body.

Of course, it didn’t end there. A bit passed the knee the goop turned white completely as the entire bottom half of her legs were altered completely. Her lower leg seemed to shrink in length while all of that mass transferred to her feet, toes becoming fat and tough as the glob that was her foot split into three big digits, the rest of her foot thick and round, the bones shifting and adjusting for a more digitigrade stance. Each big toe ended in sharp black claws.

All that was left was her head. It was a surreal sight to be sure, what was without a doubt a Renamon’s body sitting in the middle of Leroy’s house with a round sphere of yellow goop for a head. She groaned and gave muffled cries and gurgles as the goop smushed and squeezed at her face. She couldn’t see, and the goop seemed to be entering every orifice, making her wonder how she could even breathe then.

“Gmmmf!” Leroy grunted, tugging at the goop, wincing as she felt the tugging herself, as if the goo was a part of her. It slipped out of her paws, snapping back onto her as her head changed. Her paws went to her nose, feeling what felt like her entire face pushing outward, and indeed that was a fairly accurate description as her entire head took on a slender, rounder shape, complete with a sharp snout with a triangular black nose at the end. Leroy’s senses were assaulted by her sensitive new nose, two slits appearing above the nose, one on each side. Leroy was shocked when she could suddenly see again as the goop around where her eyes should be solidified into fur, black eyes with blue irises blink-blinking to life as colors and objects besides solid, goopy yellow appeared in her vision, sharper than she could remember them being as a human. Her right eye was slightly discolored, a fragment of its discoloration and unnaturalness remaining even in her changed state. Finally, her hearing went mute until two long yellow ears with white tips grew from atop her head.

Leroy held her head, giving muffled utterances as one thick claw went to where her mouth should have been, feeling only fur. That fur, however, began to split, a tiny slit of a mouth with sharp teeth within appearing as if in response to her prodding. “A-aaah...” she took a big gasp of air, furry mane rising and falling on her chest as she could breathe properly again.

This is when she finally took notice of her form, looking downwards. She looked at the claws, and the gloves around them, in complete and total disbelief at what she was seeing, what she was feeling.

She steadily rose to her feet, unused to her new body, new legs, and new posture. “What... whoa... I’m... Renamon?” she put a hand to her fuzzy throat, eyes wide as she heard her voice. So... womanly. “I-I’m... I’m Renamon!” she suddenly smiled, flexing her arms and looking at her rear, swishing her tail around. “...Hehehe! This is real!? I-it is! I’m...!” Leroy giggled, unable to hold her excitement.

She felt great, rising a leg, giving a few kicks in front of her. She nearly fell over, of course, but she felt and looked cool doing it! “This’ll take getting used to! Heh!” she grinned, wishing she had a full body mirror to really get a look at herself.

She noticed the box the costume came in out of the corner of her eye, wobbling a little as she walked over and examined it. There was a piece of paper, hidden at the bottom of the box. One she carefully lifted between her paws as her eyes looked over the writing.

‘Hello there! Since you are reading this note, I take it the transformation has completed? If not, well whoops, I suppose I spoiled it for you, my bad! Either way, I should explain before you start panicking completely (unless you aren’t panicking right now, in which case awesome!). Yes, as I’m sure you realized by now, the transformation was completely intentional, and I am the one who did this to you.

You see, my suits are special. They are magic, and attract those who love the creature or character to them. The suit finds and feels that love, and merges with the wearer. But fear not! This is a gift, not a curse! You can switch back to your human form whenever you’d like, and you can become a Renamon once again as many times as you want.

With that said, why not enjoy yourself? Surely, this ‘quality’ of costume is much much better than expected. And perhaps you can tell your friends about my little shop as well. I’m sure you know plenty of others who’d love to experience something else.

-Your friendly costume keeper’

Leroy grinned as she reread the paper, crumpling it in her hands as she looked herself over again. White and yellow fur, a slender and elegant body, and so much muscle and power hidden underneath.

She’d definitely take that shopkeep up on his offer. After all, there was no time like Halloween to enjoy being someone else!
Special Halloween Commission for :iconzohaku:, featuring Renamon, TF, and TG.

Be sure to leave (constructive) feedback and check out my gallery for more stuff like this. Happy Halloweeeeen.
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